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During the Community Council meeting last week a worrying issue was raised by a local resident and is sad that we have to bring it to your attention.

Both fly tipping and mess left after wild camping near to the Deil’s Cauldron is concerning.  The fly tipping of garden refuse including Himalayan Balsam which is an aggressive weed very difficult to control when it takes hold especially in wild places where is does not belong. Can we ask that people use their brown garden waste bins or take the refuse to the recycling centre at Crieff please ?  It is a selfish act with no thought for the environment around the village.  It must be noted that fines can be issued for those found guilty of the act.

The landowner does not have an issue with wild campers but is very concerned at the rubbish left after their visits.   Broken glass and other rubbish can be dangerous to children, wild life and live stock.

We have also had reports of mess being left at the Linn, another area used by many and as such would ask that those who choose you visit the area to take their rubbish away with them.

Please consider others and take your rubbish home with you or dispose of it in the bins around the village or down at the Laggan.  We are proud of our village and ask that when you enjoy our countryside that you leave it as you would expect it to be and not messed by rubbish – Thank you

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