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The current road closure and associated diversion on the B827 Langside road will be in place until Wednesday 11th December 2019. The date of 16th December date on PKC website refers to the last day that the B827 project and the associated road closure is registered on the Scottish Road Works Register. Larger projects are routinely registered for a few days over the programmed finish date to take into account potential delays due to bad weather, plant breakdowns or as in this case the scope of works changing.

The last email I had put out to stakeholders stated that the road would be closed until 3rd December 2019 but unfortunately the road closure has had to be extended past this date.

Perth and Kinross Council road maintenance partnership had initially hoped that it would be possible to re-open the road around 3rd December however while the carriageway works were completed by the programmed date the associated verge and drainage works are more complex than anticipated and require this additional period of road closure in order to carry out the works safely.

Perth and Kinross Council road maintenance partnership apologise for any inconvenience that this road closure will cause to road users and the local community and we will endeavour to complete these work as quickly as possible.

Best regards