[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1584443612228{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]This just in from Eleanor our lovely local Hermes Courier….

Message from Hermes courier covering Comrie & St Fillans about Hermes deliveries/collections:

There are now new guidelines in place by Hermes to further reduce contact/risk to both customers and couriers. From today, the following will be the case:

1. DELIVERIES: If a designated Safe Place has been specified, the parcel will be left there without knocking/ringing doorbell and a card will be left to confirm where it is. Please do not ask to leave with neighbour, if possible, but if that’s your only option I will leave it in a Safe Place at theirs and leave a card for you to notify.

2. If a Safe Place has NOT been stated, again I won’t ring/knock but as I know where most of the Safe Places for my customers are, will leave it safely and leave a card to say where I’ve left it. So don’t worry if you’ve not specified one 😊

3. Where the parcel HAS to be signed for (POD – Proof of Delivery) I will ring/knock, leave parcel on doorstep, take a couple steps back, take the name of the person answering the door and sign ‘Covid-19’ on the scanner on their behalf. If no one is in, I will leave a card with my contact number and will keep your parcel for you until I can deliver it in person (at a distance!). I will NOT be able to leave a POD parcel in a safe place, it must be received by a member of the household.

4. When delivering to a business, I will enter the premises as minimally as possible eg just inside doorway, and leave the parcel, taking a picture of where I’ve left it ONLY if a member of staff is visible to retrieve parcel. If no one is around I’ll try again the next day.

5. If the business is closed, eg Saturday, I’ll deliver the next working day as usual. If closed for longer, I’ll try and deliver to a known staff member/business owner at their home if living in Comrie or St Fillans (I know where y’all live! But if I don’t know, will do my best to find out and get it delivered.

6. COLLECTIONS: Please leave the parcel for me in the Safe Place you normally find parcels I’ve left. If I can’t find it, don’t worry, I’ll leave a card with my number and you can call/text me where it is, I’ll get it the next day.

So, in short, I’m not being rude by not knocking/ringing the bell! Business as usual, just doing things a bit differently until things are back to normal and ensure everyone is kept as safe as possible in the meantime. I’ll keep you posted if there are any changes to the above. If someone could post this onto a St Fillans community page that would be great. Take care everyone and best wishes to all, Eleanor[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]