Please be aware Felling Operations are to take place on the Aberuchill Estate in the next few weeks to extract 15 ha of timber.

Compartments have all suffered substantial wind blow in places and this felling aims to tidy up these areas and extract timber.

The agent has agreed to the timber extraction terms as outlined by Perth Council:
‘Timber to be transported north west to junction with A85 trunk road at Dalchonzie. Timber can’t travel south east to A85 due to 3 ton weight restriction on bridge.

Maximum number of five loads per day.’

Core Paths run through some of the area and elements of Ancient Woodland exist on site but these areas of woodland suffering from windblow will be handled with care to ensure as minimal an impact as possible.

Some of these areas of Ancient Woodland have protruding areas of non-native Conifer and these areas are to be replanted with Native Broadleaves or Scots Pine.

The restock plan has been revised and now a much stronger Native Broadleaves and Scots Pine element will be planted to replace the Larch and reduce the amount of Sitka.