Storm Arwen – Amber Warning

Winds could gust to more than 75mph over some parts of Scotland when Storm Arwen hits, the Met Office has warned.

An amber warning has been issued for northern and eastern Scotland from Orkney down to the Borders from 15:00 on Friday to 09:00 on Saturday.
The warning also covers parts of north east England.
The Met Office have issued an AMBER warning for wind for Eastern Scotland, covering the Orkney Islands, East Highlands, Grampian, Tayside, Fife and the Lothians & Borders. The winds will be from a north to north-easterly direction, and it’s quite unusual to get such strong winds from that direction. Areas exposed to the northeast are likely to see strongest winds, with the potential of travel delays, road and rail closures, power cuts and a potential risk to life and property.

In addition to the strong winds, snow will primarily affect high ground during Friday afternoon and evening, although there could be some sleet/temporary snow at lower levels in the north of Scotland. The combination of snow and strong winds will bring some very difficult travel conditions. Warnings for Snow and Ice will be issued later this morning.

The public are encouraged to take sensible precautions prior to and during severe weather events and to visit Ready.Scot for information.

The warnings can be viewed on the Met Office website

Advice on how to prepare for and deal with severe weather can be found at:

This includes:

Securing loose outdoor objects around your property, like guttering, pipes, roof tiles, fences and trampolines
Safely checking if friends or neighbours need any help, remembering to follow Covid safety guidance
If you have to travel, giving yourself extra time…take a winter car kit…a warm jacket, boots and a blanket
Taking care by the coast as there may be large waves and spray.
Being aware of snow on high ground
Where possible, parking away from trees and walls
Keeping a supply of essential food and bottled water for your family and pets

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