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Wednesday 1 July 2020 – For Immediate Release


Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Perthshire South & Kinross-shire constituency, has expressed her disappointment by confirmation from Virgin Money that they intend to permanently close the Crieff branch of the Clydesdale Bank.

Speaking today, Ms Cunningham said:

“Virgin Money announced the closure of the Crieff branch of the Clydesdale Bank back in February but the process was put on hold at the end of March as the country entered lockdown.

“I am disappointed, though not surprised, to have received notification that Virgin money are resuming their organisation plans that will see Crieff’s Clydesdale close.

“There is no doubt that while the coronavirus pandemic may have temporary slowed down the closure of this branch it has also accelerated a shift in customer behaviour that was already moving very fast indeed away from the use of cash and in-branch banking.

“My immediate concern is for three particular groups – elderly and vulnerable customers, small businesses and, of course, the bank’s employees. I also want to know what the options might be for retention of ATM services in the town.

“For some customers, the prospect of travelling to Perth to do their banking or, instead, engaging with the bank using unfamiliar technologies may be daunting and I will be writing to Virgin Money seeking further details about how they intend to support those customers.

“While all businesses will have seen a massive increase recently in the percentage of transactions that are cashless, small local enterprises are the businesses most likely to be still taking cash and so hardest hit by the loss of yet another option for safely depositing their takings at the end of the working day.

“Most particularly, I want more information from Virgin Money about what this closure will mean for branch staff – will they be guaranteed re-deployment elsewhere in the bank and what support are they being offered?”