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Comrie Croft Bikes – planned re-opening schedule for trails, rentals, shop and coaching.

Morning Folks. Hope you are all safe and well out there. First off, we’d like to thank everyone for your messages of support throughout this tough time. It’s really meant a lot to us, to hear that you are thinking of us and are missing the opportunity to ride here. We would also like to say a massive thank you to (almost!) everyone for respecting our request that you do not ride here until we are ready to welcome you all back. Big respect!

On that note, we do have some news (!) regarding a schedule for re-opening the trails. With news that the restrictions on travel are to be lifted on 3rd July, we are working all hands to try and get the trails ready by that date. NOTE – We are working TOWARDS this date, it may not be possible. Don’t come to ride, until we confirm we are ready. The trails need loads of work before we pass them as safe, and we won’t be re-opening them until we are happy. So watch this space for confirmation, probably late next week, with a definite date.

Appeal for volunteers. If you are keen to see the trails open on schedule, and can spare some time next week, from Tuesday onwards, please direct message us ASAP, and we will discuss the options for volunteering to help ready the trails. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and would speed us along. Please get in touch!

Rentals. We hope to be able to reopen rentals around the same time as the trails. We are waiting confirmation that our planned procedures will be robust enough for ensuring cleanliness of shared equipment. We may have to limit what we can offer to begin with, but again, subject to approval, we should have something up and running either by 3rd July, or soon afterwards.Confirmation to follow.

Shop. We plan to re-open the doors of the shop around the same time. There will be a limit on the number of customers admitted at one time, and we will be encouraging card payments. Hygene measures will be in place, and social distancing will be operating. Again, it all depends what we can get done in the short time we have, so please don’t be too surprised if things are delayed a bit.

Coaching. Flowschool hopes to be able to re-start coaching sessions from around 15th July. We are working to hard to get clarity on group size, and what we are able to do with regards multiple households. We hope to know more soon, and will add dates and booking info as soon as we have it. Please wait until this is announced, as we are not taking any bookings until this is sorted. For anyone who was booked on in April, we will be in touch to arrange possible time for re-booking your sessions, once we have confirmation we can run things.

This has been an extremely testing time for so many people. Foremost in our minds is the safety of our customers and staff, so please be patient with us as we try and resolve the many new challenges we are faced with. We all know the benefits of being active, being outdoors and having fun on bikes, and we are getting so much closer to being a part of that again. Keep an eye out for future posts next week, and until we say so, don’t come to ride yet- the trails are a mess, and there are folk working all over them. We can’t wait to see you all here again!