Anyone who is over 50, or in one of the previous at-risk groups (16+ with health condition, unpaid carer or household contact of immunosuppressed) can now attend a drop in for their COVID booster (and flu jab) from 12 weeks after their second dose.

Health and social care workers, including care home staff can also drop in for their flu jabs and, if eligible, COVID boosters. School staff and prison staff can drop in for flu jabs.
40 to 49-year-olds should continue to book their booster appointment at 12 weeks through the national portal or helpline. Visit
People aged 18-39 will be invited to book their boosters in the coming weeks and further information will follow.
Anyone needing a first (age 12+) or second dose (18+) can also attend these sessions. 16-17s who need a second dose should book their appointment through the national portal 12 weeks after their first dose.
Further information will follow for second doses for 12-15s in the coming weeks.