Tayside Division have recently received numerous reports of persons entering offices, retail and other business premises, speaking with staff and using distraction techniques such as asking them to look at a leaflet, newspaper or similar item. The perpetrator or their accomplice, will thereafter steal unattended personal items such as mobile phones, purses or other property from desks, countertops or from bags/coats nearby.

Please be alert to this and keep your personal property/ valuables secure at all times.

If you are approached by any persons using this tactic please contact police via 999 if you feel threatened or in danger in any way, on 101 or online via the Police Scotland website contact us page.

For further advice regarding protecting your personal belongings, please see https://crimestoppers-uk.org/keeping-safe/personal-safety/theft and https://crimestoppers-uk.org/keeping-safe/personal-safety/mobile-phone-safety

Message Sent By
Derek Mitchell (Police, Constable, Tayside)