Comrie’s Ancient Flambeaux Parade is back on 😀

Hamish Reid the Chair of the Flambeaux Committee said today …,.

“Regarding the Flambeaux this year, we are making the usual preparations for the event to take place in the hope that the covid situation doesn’t worsen significantly before the end of the year.

The junior parade will take place in the White Church where mandatory safety measures will have to be observed. There will be a firework display following the junior parade and then the main event at midnight.

In the past the cost of staging this event has always been met by the generosity of Comrie people via door to door collections, however in the interests of safety for all concerned these collections will not take place and instead a crowdfunding page has been set up where people can donate on line. Donate Here

There is also a collection box in Comrie Post Office.

Obviously we will be keeping the Covid situation under constant review and if there’s any change to the above, we’ll let you know.”