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Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Perthshire South & Kinross-shire constituency, has welcomed the announcement that £300,000 from the £350 million communities funding to support people and communities affected by COVID-19, is being given to support young carers across Scotland.

Speaking today, Ms Cunningham said:

“With this being National Carers Week, it is great news that such a big slice of the communities funding is being directed specifically to support young carers. Young Scot will receive £200,000 to provide online subscriptions and e-vouchers for young carers. Meanwhile £100,000 will go to expanding the Time To Live small grants scheme.

“It is estimated that there are nearly 30,000 young carers across Scotland and the contribution they make cannot be overstated.

“Because of the responsibilities they have taken on, many of them miss out on some of the opportunities available to their peers so I hope that this funding will help to restore to them some of those opportunities.

“The package of support is administered by the Young Scot organisation and full details of what is available and how to apply can be found on their website

“This support is in addition to the Yong Carer Grant which provides £305 per year to anyone aged 16-18 who spends more than 16 hours per week caring for a person in receipt of disability benefits. If there is anyone out there who thinks they would qualify for this payment but doesn’t get it, I would urge them to apply.”

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Notes to Editors:

A young carer is anyone under the age of 18 (or 18 and still at school) who provides or intends to provide care for someone else.
The Young Scot package is available to all young carers aged 11-18 and can be applied for via the Young Scot website.
The Time to Live small grants are available to young carers of any age through their local delivery partner – usually a local carers centre. Carers can find out where their nearest delivery partner is via the Shared Care Scotland website.
Eligible young carers can apply for the Young Carer Grant via the Social Security Scotland website.


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