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Orders are now closed for Saturday – next available delivery date is 15th April.

The new menu is now live on the website but here’s a reminder.

D E L I V E R Y | M E N U

Rosemary and salted foccacia (650g). 5.50 GBP

* * *

I T A L B A Homemade egg pasta (prices quoted are for two portions)

Tagliatelle and meatballs | 10GBP

Lamb and olive ragout with pappardelle | 11 GBP

Cacio e pepe ravioli with spinach (Cheese and black Pepper) | 11 GBP

Melanzane alla parmiagiana | 10 GBP

Strathearn cheese and wild garlic lasagne | 10 GBP

* * *

Tiramisu with a Scottish twist | 3.50 GBP per potion

Please order and pay online via