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WANTED: Lovely, reliable Bakery Assistant (evening shift) to join our awesome team at Wild HQ, Cultybraggan Camp, Comrie.
We are looking for a local person to fill the shoes of Tim, our evening Bakery Assistant. He’s not leaving us, he’s stepping into the bakery to get his hands floury…
The proposed hours are 7-11pm Monday to Friday and a four hour shift sometime on the weekend. 7pm is the earliest start time but hours can be flexible.
Salary will be the Real Living Wage, which is currently £9.30/hr, and is reviewed in October each year.
A detailed job description follows.
Please email info@wildhearthbakery.com if you are interested. We’d love to hear from you.
Oo roo!
Sourdough John
The primary responsibilities of the Bakery Assistant (evening shift) are the packing of pastry orders and cleaning of the main bakery space (including main bake room, pastry room and walk-in fridge). As part of this, you will be required to perform the following:
– Finish pastries for delivery/sale (dust danish and almond croissant with icing sugar, for example)
– Sort packing slips and prepare packaging (fold cake boxes, ready packing crates)
– Pack and label pastry orders and arrange by delivery route
– Liaise with bakery/delivery staff about any problems, substitutions or missing orders
– Liaise with operations staff about packaging requirements (changes, ordering of)
– Wash and put away any remaining dishes (including scroll trays), run clean/power-off cycle on dishwasher
– Clean sink basins and top up detergent, sponges, etc., as required
– Wipe and disinfect work surfaces (stainless-steel bench tops and shelves)
– Sweep and mop accessible floor space (including pastry room and walk-in fridge)
– Remove general waste and recycling to outside bins
– Arrange bakery in readiness for the morning packing shift (bread/pastry trolleys removed to pastry room/fridge, packed pastries stacked on dollies in corridor between pastry/main bake room, wire rack in front of bread stacks, etc.)
– Liaise with operations manager / head baker about any equipment problems or materials needed
In addition to maintaining general cleanliness of the bakery during the week (i.e. on split packing/cleaning shifts), a dedicated Saturday cleaning shift affords time for a more thorough clean. In addition to expanding on the above tasks (shifting the sheeter to mop the entire pastry room floor, for example) you will be expected to perform cleaning tasks, as needed, that may not be possible to perform during the week. This may include activities like sweeping out and wiping down the inside of the rack oven, shifting and moping underneath the mixers, or wiping down the internal walls of the fridge with disinfectant.
To make sure everyone at Wild Hearth is able to enjoy their work and perform tasks asked of them to the best of their ability we are all responsible for:
– Maintaining a clean and pleasant work environment
– Working safely with and respectfully of other staff, and report any concerns, faults or safety issues to senior staff so that they can be promptly dealt with
– Monitoring stock levels and reporting whenever anything is running low to ensure any materials/ingredients needed are always available

You may also be asked to perform occasional tasks outside the standard packing process, such as slicing bread, turning on profers, or shifting trolleys from the fridge to pastry room.