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Meet the Band

Lead Tenor Caitlin Mcgregor

Eager to follow in her fathers footsteps and play for Comrie pipe band, Caitlin started learning the Tenor drum when she was 7 years old. She’s always had a passion for the pipe band as various members of her family have been in a band or can play the pipes/drums. She started getting taught by Mary Gavin at home for a few weeks before she got the confidence to actually attend a band practice. When she started going along to practice she was taught by Rosemary Campbell alongside Mary. The arrival of Jen Waugh to the band as tenor tutor made a huge improvement to Caitlins performances and confidence.

Caitlin’s love for the pipe band continued as she took over as lead tenor drummer, teaching the tenor drum to younger members who wanted to join the band which she enjoys greatly. Her most memorable moment so far in the band was being part of the France trip.

She hopes to continue to be a part of the band for many more years and take part in more events and make more memories with her Pipeband family.