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Meet the Band

Tenor Drummer Aimee Mcgregor

At the age of 7, Aimee became the third member of the talented Mcgregor clan to join Comrie pipe band.
After being taught snare drum by her dad she made her debut with the band in 2016 aged 8.
After a year on snare, Aimee decided to give tenor a go. With the tuition of big sister Caitlin, Aimee was soon making her first appearance with the band on the tenor drum.

After losing interest and giving up for a bit, Aimee was persuaded by some of the other youngsters in the band to come back last year and she was soon back into the swing of things again.

Aimee’s really enjoying her time in the band at moment especially with such a good group of youngsters her own age and hopes to continue to do so