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Meet the Band








Piper Craig Graham

I came to piping later in life, always having enjoyed the music of pipes and listening to Comrie Pipe Band at the many local events they support. I finally persuaded former pipe sergeant Jonathon MacDonald to begin teaching me, after all I reasoned there’s only nine notes – how hard can it be?! I now realise why most pipers begin at 8 or 9 years old!

I love turning out with the band particularly for events and engagements in Comrie supporting the community and seeing the pleasure it brings to locals and visitors alike. I also enjoyed our recent trip to France which really encouraged our young players and under the leadership of pipe major Willie Nicol improved the sound and consistency of the band.

I am looking forward to playing in the “engine room “ of the band for many more years having fun, enjoying the craic and seeing our young pipers and drummers improving, enjoying their playing and carrying on the good work done by so many over the years.