[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1585668712361{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”]Tuesday 31 March 2020 – For Immediate Release


Ms Roseanna Cunningham MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament for Perthshire South & Kinross-shire, is urging people to ‘stay local’ when exercising and walking dogs, and to avoid any unnecessary travel that could help spread coronavirus.

Official advice from the Scottish and UK governments warns that people should not be driving somewhere else with the intent of doing exercise or walking their dog – with new powers granted to police to enforce these regulations.

Speaking today, Ms Cunningham said:

“Of course, exercise is extremely important for both physical and mental wellbeing, so it’s important to note that people can leave their homes for exercise once a day, with members of their own household.

“However, you should only be outside for a reasonable purpose – buying food or essential household or medical supplies; travelling to or carrying out essential work; exercising once a day; or providing care or assistance to others.

“People should make use of gardens – if they have them- and stay local when exercising or walking dogs, to ensure that we stop the spread of coronavirus.  

“I know how fortunate I am, living in Strathearn with a garden and access to some lovely countryside walks I can embark on, starting out from my own front door.  I can see how tempting it must be if you are not in that situation to get in the car and drive somewhere nice for your daily exercise.

“However, I have heard worrying reports from some local areas such as St Fillans where large numbers of visitors have been turning up, something which understandably causes concern for local residents.  In normal times visitors are very welcome indeed – but these are not normal times, and this is about saving lives and protecting our NHS.

“We all recognise how unusual these regulations are, and the Scottish Government will act to remove these restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so but in the meantime, follow the rules and stay close to home.” 

Notes To Editors: Please use the following guidance in order to stay safe:

  • stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible
  • do not travel unnecessarily
  • you should only go outside alone or with members of your own household
  • keep at least 2 metres apart from anyone outside your household at all times
  • gatherings of more than two in parks or other public spaces have been banned and the police will enforce this
  • if you have a garden, make use of the space for exercise and fresh air
  • take hygiene precautions when you are outside, and wash your hands as soon as you are back indoors