Health research is very important so that we can prevent people from getting unwell and try to improve treatments if they do become ill. This is why we need to involve more people in research and we are asking for your help to sign up the SHARE Health Research Register.

SHARE, The Scottish Health Research Register and Biobank, is a Register of people who are happy to be sent information about health research projects (studies). You need to be aged 11 or over to sign up to SHARE.

We need healthy people and people with health conditions to join SHARE. When you join the SHARE Register, the SHARE Team may send you information from time to time about research studies that might be of interest to you. This might involve taking part in surveys online, sharing your views on your healthcare or taking part in a study researching a new medication for an illness you may have.

SHARE would also like to ask for permission to keep any leftover blood (sample) from tests that you may have during your healthcare (like blood tests at your GP – no need for a separate visit to the GP). This sample can be used to help genetic research which looks to understand what causes different illnesses.

How do I sign up?

You can register:

Signing up to SHARE does not mean that you have to take part in any research studies. You can decide when you find out more about a study

SHARE is a great way for people to make a contribution to health research – which can improve the health of everybody in Scotland. Thank you very much for considering this request.