Kinross-shire Community Speedwatch

The Kinross-shire Community Speedwatch is a traffic monitoring initiative to help address speeding and standards of driving across the area. The scheme is led by local volunteers who want to make a difference in their community and is supported by local Police officers.

On Sunday 7th April 2024, Kinross community officers PC Samson and Duncan were training the volunteers on how to use the speed detection devices.

Kinross Community Policing Team have been working collaboratively with local community councils over a period of time and are pleased to reach a significant milestone.

The volunteers hope to be fully operational soon.

If you wish to volunteer please email: or

Crime Updates

A 15-year-old male has been arrested and charged after a 10-year-old boy was struck by a pyrotechnic during the St Johnstone vs Dundee football match at McDiarmid Park in Perth on Saturday, 30 March, 2024.

Paramedics on site treated the 10-year-old boy for a facial injury.

Two 17-year-old males were also arrested and charged following other pyrotechnics being used at the game. All three will be reported to the Procurator Fiscal.

A further two males, aged 13 and 15, will be reported to the Youth Justice Assessor after being charged in connection with further pyrotechnics use at the game.

Football banning orders will be sought in relation to this incident. Taking pyrotechnics into a sporting stadium is a criminal offence and the Police will continue to work with football clubs to prevent further instances and to prosecute those who put other fans’ safety at risk.

Tayside Mountain Rescue  

“Police Scotland (Tayside) Mountain Rescue Team has the primary responsibility for locating those who are lost or missing, treating those who are unwell or injured and recovering those who have died in the mountainous, hazardous and complex environments of the Tayside Region. They also help provide a response to any incident where the services of the Police are required, but the environment or location involved is too hazardous for conventional Officers to reach. The Team of 15 Officers operates across the whole of Tayside, including all the glens, hills, mountains, river and lochs in Perthshire, Angus and Dundee. The Team has bases in Forfar, Perth and Dundee.

The Police Team are supported in their role by their volunteer colleagues and friends from Tayside Mountain Rescue Team, who also operate across the region with bases in Blairgowrie, Aberfeldy and Dundee. The Team also works closely with Scottish Fire & Rescue during incidents involving the rescue or search for persons in rivers, lochs or gorges across Tayside.”

In 2023 the team had 116 deployments (from 85 incidents)

The busiest month was January 2023, where they were deployed on 16 occasions, with 9 incidents and 7 additional search days for missing person Ross Kinghorn.

The 4 months of July, August, September and October saw 11 incidents each, so our busiest continuous spell for many a year.

As a result of the 116 deployments, the Teams rescued 51 individuals from a mixture of mountain and countryside settings. Of the 51 people rescued, 21 of them required medical treatment from Team Members, for various injuries and illnesses. 14 of the incidents also involved deployment to rivers, lochs and gorges, as well as semi-urban settings.

Tayside Divisional Commander Jason Carrigan and Perth & Kinross Area Commander Greg Burns presented Tayside Mountain Rescue Team and Tayside Police Mountain Rescue Team with ‘Outstanding Teamwork’ and ‘Policing Partnership’ certificates last month, as a heart-felt thank you to all 3 elements of the Mountain Rescue Team in Tayside for their collaborative working and public service in 2023.