What is hate crime?

This is defined as:

Any crime which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated (wholly or partly) by malice or ill will towards a social group.

There are five groups or protected characteristics covered by the hate crime legislation.

  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Transgender Identity.

What does this mean?

If someone targets you, or someone else, because of a dislike or prejudice of your disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity then you should report this to the police as a hate crime.

The person experiencing the hate crime does not always need to be in one of these groups.

We would look at why the act or offence was committed. We also look at the perception of the people involved.

Police Scotland treats all hate crimes and incidents seriously. We want you to report these types of incidents to us.

Why are hate crimes different?

Hates crimes can have a huge impact on people. They have been targeted because of who they are, or who the offender thinks they are. The attack is very personal.

What can you do about hate crimes or incidents?

If you’ve experienced a hate crime or incident please report it to us.

You can also report hate crimes or incidents even if it wasn’t directed at you. For example, you could be a friend, neighbour, family member, support worker or a passer-by.

You should tell the police if you think it happened because of disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity.

It may even be a combination of these things. This is important as it lets us know it is a hate crime or incident.

If something happens and you are not sure if it is a crime please remember if it feels wrong report it and let us help.

Reporting hate crime

If you or someone you know is the victim of hate, there are different ways you can report hate crime.

Third party reporting

Sometimes victims or witnesses of hate crime do not feel comfortable reporting the incident to the police. They might be more comfortable reporting it to someone they know.

Police Scotland works in partnership with a number of organisations and groups, to take reports, known as third party reporting centres.

Third party reporting centres could be housing associations, victim support offices and voluntary groups. Staff have been trained to recognise hate crimes and help a victim or witness to submit a report to the police.

Third party reports can be made without giving your name. However, that might affect how much investigation we can do. Find your nearest Third Party Reporting Centre at the following link.





A 37 year old woman was arrested for possession of a knife in Mitchell Street, Crieff on Wednesday 8th March.

A 30 year old man was arrested for drink driving following a road traffic collision in Addison Terrace, Crieff on Saturday 11th March.

During the last week 2 drivers were found to be without insurance, 1 had no licence and 2 had no MOT.



About 1am, Friday 10th March, a white Peugeot Boxer Campervan was stolen from Bertha Park View, Perth. (CR/30601/23)

About 5pm, Sunday 12th March, a short, white male in his early teens, wearing a black tracksuit was observed spray painting a wall in Rannoch Road, Perth. He ran off with other youths in the direction of Burghmuir Road. (CR/31082/23)

Between 4pm, Wednesday 8th and 12pm, Friday 10th March, a safe containing jewellery was stolen during a break-in to a property in Brucefield Road, Blairgowrie (CR/30186/23)

About 6am, Wednesday 8th March, a man driving a white Transit style van was seen stealing a barrel of used cooking oil from Inn on the Tay, Grandtully. (CR/30556/23)

Between Friday 10th and Sunday 12th March, a window was smashed at the Community School of Auchterarder. (CR/31749/23)

Anyone with any information that may be useful should contact Tayside Division on 101 or any police officer, quoting the crime reference number listed at each incident.  Alternatively information can be passed anonymously via the charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


Tom Leonard, Chief Inspector                              

Local Area Commander, Perth and Kinross


Your Community Policing Team

Locality Inspector for Strathearn

PI Lesley McDonald

If you wish to make contact with your local community officer please use the following e-mail address: TaysideStrathearnCPT@scotland.police.uk