Radio Earn Embarks on a New Chapter with Heartland FM

In a landmark move set to redefine the landscape of local broadcasting, Radio Earn is thrilled to announce its merger with Heartland FM , heralding a new era of enriched community engagement and diversified content. This strategic fusion not only symbolises the convergence of two venerable community institutions but also sets a new standard for local broadcasting excellence.

Radio Earn was originally established established with a vision to serve the communities along the River Earn, Radio Earn quickly distinguished itself as a beacon of local news, entertainment, and culture. Known for its commitment to quality broadcasting and community service, Radio Earn has carved a unique niche, garnering acclaim for its innovative programming and community engagement initiatives. The station’s success lies in its ability to evolve, embracing digital platforms to enhance accessibility and audience interaction.

The merger of  Radio Earn and Heartland FM is a natural progression of shared objectives and complementary strengths. This collaboration promises to amplify the reach and impact of local broadcasting, bringing together Radio Earn’s innovative community approach and Heartland FM’s rich heritage.

The united entity, will be under a rebranded Heartland FM, is poised to be a beacon in the community and introduce a broader array of programming, incorporating the best of both stations. Listeners can anticipate an enhanced mix of music, news, cultural content, and interactive programming, designed to entertain, inform, and engage communities across Perthshire and beyond.

“We are excited about the opportunities this merger presents,”  Phillip Jones, Chairman of Heartland FM. “By bringing together the strengths of Radio Earn and Heartland FM, we are not just preserving the legacy of local radio but also charting a course for its vibrant future. Our combined resources, talent, and vision will enable us to deliver unparalleled value to our listeners and partners.”

The merger is not merely a rebrand but a renewal of commitment to local broadcasting excellence. The rebranded Heartland FM is dedicated to becoming an even more integral part of the community’s daily life, fostering a sense of unity and belonging through the power of radio.

Launch Event and Expanded Reach

Mark your calendars for Monday 8 April, as we officially unveil the new Heartland FM with a launch event that promises to be a memorable celebration of our journey and future direction. This significant milestone will be marked by special programming, exclusive interviews, and a series of community engagement activities.

With the integration of Radio Earn, the expanded Heartland FM will now extend its reach beyond Perthshire, on FM 97.5,  107.3 and on your digital radio and smart speaker covering additional areas to bring our unique blend of local news, diverse music, and community-focused content to a wider audience. This expansion not only signifies our growth but also our dedication to becoming a central part of more communities, connecting listeners across the region with content that matters.

Stay Tuned

107.3 FM serving Lowland Perthshire | 97.5 FM in Highland Perthshire.

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