The latest Scam Share Bulletin from Trading Standards Scotland includes the following :

  • Doorstep Scams: BT
  • Avoid Valentine’s Day Counterfeits
  • Apple ID Scams
  • Homes for Ukraine: Scam Letters

Ongoing Scams / Campaigns

  • Spray Foam Insulation
  • Amazon Scam Calls

The full bulletin is available to view here.


Doorstep Scams: BT

The Scam
There have been recent reports of cold callers who claim to be from BT and ask householders about their broadband speeds. One woman was visited by a cold caller who said he was checking the broadband in the area on behalf of BT.

He asked for her name and details about her BT account, before attempting to enter her house, claiming he needed to check her router. The woman felt suspicious and refused to let him in – after he had left she phoned BT who confirmed that the caller did not work for them.

How to Avoid
Always verify the identity of a cold caller before dealing with them. If a cold caller claims to work for a particular company, close the door and, rather than phoning the number on the caller’s ID card, look up the company’s number on their official website or in an official phone directory. Legitimate callers will be happy to wait while you perform these checks.

Never feel obliged to answer the door to a cold caller – it is your home and you should not let anyone in unless you feel comfortable