The Young Carer’s Grant, a payment which is unique to Scotland, has paid out £1.8m in vital support for young carers across Scotland since its introduction in October 2019 and Mr Jim Fairlie MSP, Member of the Scottish Parliament for the Perthshire South & Kinross-shire constituency, has highlighted the impact that this Scottish Government innovation has had with young carers in the Perth & Kinross area having received £54,937 since the payment was launched.
Speaking today, Mr Fairlie said:
“Young carers in Perth & Kinross show incredible dedication to those who they care for whether that be a family member, friend or someone in the community and it is right that they are supported in providing that help.
“Very nearly £55,000 has been received by young carers in the Perth & Kinross area since the payment was launched, and rightly so.
“Our society depends so much on carers, but we cannot take them – and particularly young carers – for granted. So, it was a significant step when the Scottish Government brought in the Young Carer’s Grant as part of the process of developing a social security system that has its foundations in fairness, dignity and respect.
“The Young Carer’s Grant is just one of a number of support payments that are only available here in Scotland and demonstrates the differences in the Scottish Government’s approach. It also shows how the SNP in government is determined to use the powers that Scotland does have at its disposal to deliver the best we can for the people of this country.
“It is inescapable, however, that the Scottish Government is doing so with one hand tied behind its back and it is only with the full powers of independence that we will be able to fully build a system that works for all.
“I would encourage anyone aged between 16 and 18 who provides care or knows anyone who does so to apply for the grant if they are not already receiving it.”
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