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Message from Comrie Community Council

Following a few short meetings the Community Council have prepared a leaflet (below) which will be left in key shops from today (Sunday)  advertising support that the Community Council can give.

Sandra will also share to the Comrie Face Book page every few days thereafter to keep the number fresh in people’s minds.

There is one phone number which is located in the Parish Church Hall Office and will be manned by volunteers from Monday (22nd March) for as long as we think necessary.

Sheena Lucas is collating a list of volunteers and preparing a rota for the two hour phone slots which will be required to be filled.  If you would like to be part of the rota, please let her know, or send a message via the contact tab at the top of the page with your contact details. You can man the phone and/or fulfil the needs of the elderly and vulnerable as per the requests we get through the telephone helpline.

We do not yet know to what extent the phone number will be used – if it is considerable then we will need to scale up our activity in this respect and increase the number of volunteers. If the usage is very low then we will down-scale accordingly.

I’ll keep you informed during the course of the week how things are progressing.

Tim Lucas
Secretary, Comrie Community Council