24 Windows of Advent trail

Search the village from 1st to 20th December looking for the 24 decorated windows displaying a sheet of paper in the window which will have a number between 1 and 24 and a symbol relating to Christmas. Write down the number and symbol you see for each window on a bit of paper.

🌟🌟 Hint: In order to complete the hunt you will need to visit the following streets:- Queens Road, Strowan Road, Tay Avenue, Almond Crescent, Glebe Road, Earn Place, South Crieff Road, Barrack Road, Mid-Sqaure, Drummond Street, Dundas Street, Monument Road and Burrell Street All but 2 are in houses, there are 2 numbers/pictures which are in other premises on these streets.

There is a seperate hunt for the shops so you won’t find a number in any of the shops in the main street.

Once you have found all 24 numbers and their symbols, pop your completed sheet through the letterbox of the last house in the hunt ( window number 24).

Remember to put your name and a contact number on your sheet.

Remember some may be easier to spot than others. Look all around you. Look high, look low. Some streets will have a few numbers, some might only have one. Closing date: 5pm on 20th December.

Good luck 🎄😊

**Sheets are not being provided due to Covid, please use a piece of paper from home.**