The Comrie Fortnight committee has taken the decision to cancel the popular summer event for the second year in a row due to ongoing Covid concerns.

Announcing the decision on Facebook, committee chairman James Stewart said: “The primary reasons [are] the safety of village residents and that there is still a great deal of uncertainty in the numbers who can attend events with large gatherings, and the potential for transmission of this very unpredictable virus.”

Expressing his regret on behalf of the entire committee, Stewart continued: “When we had to take the decision to cancel last year I think we all hoped to be back to normal this year. Unfortunately, that has not been possible and the committee are all extremely disappointed. However, we intend to be back next year with a renewed energy and enthusiasm, and are starting to plan for a special return of the Fortnight next year.”

While respondents on Facebook expressed their shared disappointment, all were fully supportive of the decision.

After last year’s Comrie Fortnight was cancelled, the committee put together a special programme of virtual events and activities, including the “Not Car Treasure Hunt”, a TikTok video competition and the ever-popular quizzes as well as prizes for decorating gardens in place of the usual floats. There is no confirmation at this stage whether something similar is in the pipeline for 2021.