Hello I am getting in touch on behalf of the pupils of Comrie primary. The children with the help of staff have created a beautiful Christmas story based on shuggy the school’s therapy dog owned by one of our teachers. Shuggy visits many businesses and local spots around the village having many adventures in the story.

The children are having the book published in just over a weeks time and the book will be available for purchase to the general public not just parents. This is our way of trying to raise money for the school and envolve the community as best as possible given the current climate.

Today our house captains went around the village dropping off letters in hope that some businesses would like to sponsor the book. Unfortunately they couldn’t get around everyone with some being closed and we are aware not everyone has a shop in the village.

If there is anyone out there who would love to sponsor the book please can you email comrie@pkc.gov.uk before the 23rd nov and we shall send you the letter from the children. Many thanks from pupils and staff of Comrie primary school