The Scam
Thousands of people have received scam text messages, emails or Facebook posts claiming to offer them discounts on energy bills. Most of the messages ask you to click on a link to apply to receive the £400 energy rebate.

This is an example of a text messages, which were received within the last week.

One woman who received a similar text clicked on the link – she was taken to an official-looking website with Ofgem logos where she was asked to enter her personal and card details.

Some people have also received emails which appear to have been sent by Ofgem or other energy companies and include a link to ‘claim your rebate’. In many cases, they say that you have to apply for the rebate by the end of September. This is a clear sign that the message is a scam, as the discount will not be applied until October.

In the two weeks from 22 August to 5 September 2022, a total of 1,567 phishing emails related to the energy rebate were reported via the Suspicious Email Reporting Service (SERS).


Home Energy Scotland have produced a useful article which sets out how you will receive the £400 energy bill discount and how you can avoid scams related to the payment:

How to Avoid

You do not need to apply for the £400 energy bill rebate – the money will be applied directly to your energy account, starting in October.

If you receive a text message, email or cold call asking for your details or a payment to ‘apply’ for the rebate, do not click on any links or provide any details.

Ofgem do not send out this type of communication and  do not have the contact details of consumers or energy customers.
They will never ask for your bank details in relation to energy bills. They will never cold call or visit your house and will never ask for your personal information or try to sell you energy.
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Ofgem advice on avoiding energy scams: