Message from the Product Director of the Neighbourhood Alert system, Mike Douglas.

It is that time of year again when we ask you to spare a few minutes to provide your feedback regarding the Alert system and the messages you receive.

I really cannot emphasise enough just how vital your feedback is.  As the system administrators, we report to each partner organisation (Information Provider) and have to help them to justify the cost of private messaging by evidencing the positive impact it has on members.  The alternative option is a full adoption of “free” systems provided by social media giants who would love to have your data.

The UK’s most active feedback group
Last year 104,321 members completed this survey and the results have helped influence policing, supported Neighbourhood Watch and had a huge influence on the development of the system.  To review last year’s results (after you do this year’s) please visit the 2020 Survey page.

It is quicker this year
We have shortened the survey this year but, based on feedback, have added the optional opportunity for more free text feedback.  To help speed things up further, some questions may show you your previous answers if you did the survey last year. Please don’t share this survey or forward this email as it links to your account and is just for you.

Your responses will also improve the messages you receive as some questions will update your profile and help enable messages to be more relevant to you.  No advertising cookies, no data mining, no transferring data to “advertising partners”, no marketing, just private feedback to improve the system.

Please click here to proceed.

Many thanks
Mike Douglas