Trading Standards Scotland latest Scam Bulletin

Trading Standards Scotland have published their latest information on current scams.

Most relevant are scams surrounding the new Scottish Fire Alarm Regulations.  The article below outlines some of the scams, and shows where you are able to get up to date advice.

Fire Alarm Scam

From this week, every home in Scotland must have interlinked fire and smoke alarms.
Scammers are already taking advantage of this new requirement, with several scams having been reported in recent days.
South Lanarkshire Council have warned that cold callers have been visiting local residents, claiming to work for the council and asking to enter their properties to check their smoke alarms.

The Council have confirmed that they are not sending staff out to check on smoke alarms.

Fife Council Trading Standards have also had reports of bogus callers going door to door, claiming to be firefighters and offering quotes to install interlinked alarms that comply with the new legislation.

Cold callers have also been visiting elderly consumers in Glasgow and trying to persuade them to purchase interlinked alarms. They charged £600 and promised that the alarms would be installed within a fortnight – they failed to return and the consumers have been unable to contact them for a refund.

How to Avoid

If you get a cold call about the new fire alarms legislation, do not provide any details or agree to purchase any products. 
Get at least three quotes from trusted traders before making any decisions. Find installers who have been vetted and approved by local Trading Standards officers at

You may get a leaflet through the door from a company selling fire alarms that implies they have been endorsed by the Scottish Government.

Neither the Scottish Government nor Scottish Ministers have endorsed any particular suppliers, products or services.

The best way to avoid scams related to the new legislation is to use trusted sources of information:

Trusted Information

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service:

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A full copy of the bulletin is available online here