As our Visitor Rangers prepare for another busy weekend, and many of you plan your camping or day trips, here’s a quick reminder on fire safety.
The safest way to cook outdoors is using a portable gas stove or grill. Set it up on a level surface and remain cautious.
If you must have a fire or BBQ, please consider the following:
1. Choose the right place:
Avoid peaty ground, wooded areas, or places near trees and vegetation.
2. Raise it off the grass:
Use raised fire pits to prevent scorch marks. Our Visitor Rangers have already removed about 350 fire rings this season.
3. Bring your own firewood:
Do not burn dead wood found around you; it’s crucial for the ecosystem. Cutting down wood is an offense and green wood doesn’t burn well.
4. Keep it small:
Sparks can travel far in the wind. Remember, tents are very flammable!
5. Extinguish properly:
Ensure your fire is fully extinguished before going to sleep or leaving your campsite. NEVER leave it unattended. Have a water supply or container ready.
6. Take away your ashes:
Leave no trace of your campsite, including removing fire rings and ashes.
7. Cool down portable BBQs:
Ensure they are completely cooled before disposing of them.
Check for fire risk warnings from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. On hot and dry weekends with a high wildfire risk, we
may ask you to avoid open flames and extinguish all fires.
Stay safe and enjoy your time out in stunning Perthshire!