Tayside Division Road Policing

Tayside Division Road Policing is part of Operational Support Division and is based at both Perth Police Office and Baluniefield Police Office Dundee.

Road Policing officers proactively patrol the roads network, respond to emergency incidents, assume the role of investigating officer at serious and fatal road collisions and support local policing at other major events on the roads.

Since 2021 there have been 25 fatal collisions within Perth and Kinross LPA, approximately 1/3 of these have occurred on the A9, as such dedicated patrols are allocated to the A9 nationally on a daily basis.

The majority of fatal and serious collisions occur on fast roads (national speed limit), as such Road Policing Officers are tasked with patrolling these roads, all of which link our local communities.

Road Policing officers also patrol within the communities of P&K giving particular attention to areas such as schools.

Whilst patrolling the fast roads, officers focus on education and enforcement based on the Fatal 5 offences.


Speeding, Careless/Dangerous Driving, using a Mobile Phone, Not wearing a seat belt and Drink/Drug Driving.



Our patrol focus runs in conjunction with The Scottish Government’s plans as set out in the Road Safety Framework which operates until 2030. This includes targets to half the number of people killed or seriously injured on our roads.

The aim by 2050 is that no one will be killed or seriously injured on Scotland’s roads. This is an ambitious target to have been set and Policing is only one component of the way that this can be achieved.

The Road Safety Calendar details the various initiatives which run nationally throughout the year. Locally officers are also involved in initiatives to improve Road Safety. These include Rider Refinement which is aimed at motorcycle safety, Young Drivers Presentation Scheme and the Good Egg campaign to assist with child seat safety.

Update: Drugs Search Warrant

On 30th May, a search warrant was executed in Perth under the Misue of Drugs Act.

Over 3.5kg of Cannabis was recovered along with a quantity of Cannabis edibles and over £3000 in cash. Totalling over £14,000.

A 27-year-old male has been arrested and charged with being concerned in the Supply of a Class B drug.

Local Incidents

A vandalism occurred at Breadalbane Academy on 3rd June 2024, whereby a shed was destroyed along with the lighting within. 3 juveniles have been charged.


A House Breaking occurred at an address in Bridge of Earn, between 10.45 & 14.15hrs on 8th June 2024.


A vandalism occurred between 4th & 5th June at an address in Blairgowrie where plants and vegetables have been poisoned with weedkiller.


A house breaking occurred at My Fone, Perth on 3rd June 2024. 2 Males have been arrested and charged.


Update: Traffic offences

A 38-year-old male was arrested in Perth for Disqualified Driving, Attempted to pervert and other offences whilst on bail. He was held in custody, after trial he was imprisoned for 12 months and disqualified for 37 months.

In the first 3 months of the year officers have dealt with over 100 no insurance offences and 60 mobile phone offences within Perth and Kinross.

On the A 9 as well as speeding and No insurance various drivers and companies have been reported for overloading and tachograph offences.

Various speeding offences on the M90 including 116, 109 and 101 miles per hour have all been reported to the Procurator Fiscal. Numerous offenders have been stopped on the A94 and dealt with for various document offences including no insurance and no licence.

Recently a drink driver on the A90 blew 124ug and another driver on Edinburgh Road Blew 152ug when the limit is 22ug.