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Rural Crime

Perth & Kinross continues to be targeted by professional criminals who are focusing their attention on farm and plant equipment ranging from quad bikes to trailers. A number of caravans have also been stolen recently.

A number of these thefts could be been prevented by taking some simple crime prevention steps.

Reduce access by removing all gates and entrances that are no longer in use and replacing them with a permanent fence or other barrier; secure all gates with good padlocks and repair fencing promptly to prevent/restrict any future unauthorised access.

If possible park vehicles as close to your premises as possible, preferably out of sight from nearby roads

Remove keys when not in use

Fit wheel clamps and/or locking posts or consider an alarm

Park larger vehicles in front of access doors to prevent easy access

Mark or customise your property so that it’s easily identifiable. This can deter thieves and assist recovery if they are stolen. CESAR is the nationally recognised marking scheme and vehicles in the scheme are 4 times less likely to be stolen and 6 times more likely to be identified. This can have a beneficial impact on your insurance premiums.

At the very least make notes of chassis/serial numbers; take photographs of the items, particularly any distinguishable features which would allow it to be identified if traced.

If we can make it difficult for organised crime gangs to target our communities then they will quickly look elsewhere for easier prey.

For more information and advice visit www.ruralwatchscotland.co.uk or Police Scotland’s own website and search for rural crime.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]