The Lednock All Abilities Path including wheelchair users, was created in 2010. By using strict gradient management placing seating at regular intervals it gives everyone the confidence to venture into the green space within. a woodland setting. Nature study areas, wetlands and meadows were created with the help of local cub scouts, brownies, schools, groups and individuals giving them a sense of pride and achievement. The Industrial heritage within the woodland supported the industries in the village, iron smelting and the pharmaceutical industry used charcoal. clogs, bobbins and belts for the weaving machines used wood from coppiced trees and their bark for tannin to soften the leather. These industries are illustrated on information boards placed at the various sites along the path. The Meadow path runs from the school in the west of the village along the back of the houses away from traffic connecting all the lanes and giving direct access to entrance to The Lednock Path. Unfortunately an extreme flood broke up the Lade further up the River Lednock and caused a surge of water to damage the banking at the start of the path. There is no other entrance into the path for all abilities. If the banking is not repaired and the banking stabilised the PATH WILL HAVE TO CLOSE and the village will lose its access into this area of natural beauty and nature study areas. To repair and stabilise the river bank A rock toe and willow woven banking will be created .The willow grows and produces a green banking in the first year..

A crowdfunder page has been set up  with a target of raiing £2,000.

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