Doorstep Peddlars

In Tayside Division, we have received recent reports of a group of males going door to door offering household items such as cleaning products, small garden tools for sale. The group claim to be on probation, and have authority to be conducting this business as part of a rehabilitation scheme. This is not the case and they may show you a Hawkers Permit which they have manufactured themselves.

Selling door to door requires a Peddlars Licence, as such these males are acting illegally and should be reported to Police and Trading Standards. Remember, although you may think you are getting a bargain, you know nothing about these males. Never buy from persons going door to door unless they show you a valid Peddlars Licence.

The male are known to have been operating in Dundee and Angus Policing Areas to date. If you believe they have attended at your address contact Police Scotland on 101.

Message Sent By
Steven McKay (Police, Constable Acquisitive Crime, Tayside D Division)