The following information and link has been recently posted by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) and refers to a National Insurance Phishing SCAM.,to%20some%20unethical%20financial%20transactions.%22

An automated telephone message claims that the National Insurance number of the recipient will be terminated due to some unethical financial transactions.
The automated message states: “This call is in regards to your National Insurance number. Ignoring this final warning may lead you to legal troubles. The reason behind this phone call is to inform you that your National Insurance number will be terminated due to some unethical financial transactions.”

The recording then asks the recipient to “please press ‘1’ to get more details.

The call is a data harvesting or phishing attempt, which could lead to identity theft. Pressing the button puts the recipient in touch with a scammer who will supposedly verify their National Insurance number. Unfortunately, anyone who responds is revealing key personal details putting their finances in danger.

If you receive this call, do not ever press 1 and please warn others about it. Also, report it to the authorities, such as Advice Direct Scotland or Police Scotland on 101.

Message Sent By
Willie Clark (NHWN, National Co-ordinator, NW Scotland)