It was brought to our attention that due to the lack of salting of the Comrie streets that Stagecoach have put on Twitter that they are to temporarily terminate their service at the caravan park at the east end of Comrie.
For this reason we have sent the following email to PKC, our Ward Councillors, LIz Smith and Jim Fairlie as this must be addressed immediately.
“Dear All,
This is a matter of the upmost urgency.
The roads in Comrie on Friday and Saturday were treacherous and at no point were they treated with salt.
I was driving along Barrack Rd at 9mph at lunchtime on Friday and my car just kept going on to Strowan Rd, also a Stagecoach bus did exactly the same and ended up going straight into someones garden ….
It is totally unacceptable that Comrie was not treated with salt and we are lucky no one was injured in either of these incidents. Crieff was done but we weren’t even looked at .
The Community Council have been inundated with complaints.
This brings me to a very urgent announcement made on Twitter ……
Stagecoach have stated they are ‘TERMINATING’ services at the caravan park at the east end of Comrie.
This absolutely cannot be allowed to happen. Our village relies on these buses for schools, workers , elderly. Why should we be punished through no fault of our own.
I implore you to deal with this matter immediately, and also insure that our roads are treated with the same urgency as other local areas.
Gillian Brock
Chairperson Comrie Community Council.”