U196 Dalrannoch Road – Comrie

In order to permit carriageway patching works on the above section of road I recommend that a temporary traffic regulation order be prepared. It is to be effective from the 13th May 2021 for a period of two weeks.

The order will temporarily prohibit all vehicles from driving and temporarily prohibit parking and loading (both sides) of the U196 Dalrannoch Road, Comrie from its junction with the private access leading to the property known as Appletree House (276778, 721912) to Dalrannoch (276064, 719543), a distance of 2.97 kilometres or thereby.

Pedestrian & emergency vehicular access to premises will be maintained.

The alternative route for vehicles is – LOCAL ACCESS AS AND WHEN IT IS SAFE TO DO SO

Colin Heggie, Superintendent Roads Network Management

Tel :  01738 477248 | email : cheggie@pkc.gov.uk